Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop: and how to STOP it!

We don’t know why there are dogs hellbent on eating poop. We do know some are more discriminating than others. There are the ones that prefer only their own. There are those that prefer the tasty tidbits of other species; namely cats! Then there are those that are more than willing to try anything!

There are as many theories as there are Animal Behaviorists on why some puppies and dogs are so drawn to what we consider a repugnant behavior. There are the ones who believe it is a primal instinct of survival. Others theorize it is a learned behavior. Then there are those who evaluate cases of coprophagy (eating feces) and pica (craving non-food items) as a deliberate, habitual behavior disorder.

What we do know is, several of the behaviors our pets exhibit are ancient memories embedded in their genes. They do them unconsciously. Those behaviors are purely instinctive. Being descendants of wolves, puppies and dogs still rely on various natural feelings that have allowed them to evolve and survive for thousands of years.

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