11 Tips to help your relationship survive Tough Times

5- Be patient with each other

relationship be patient with each other

Accept that it’s often the small things that cause the biggest irritations. A large grievance would most likely be discussed at the time, whereas smaller things, like not emptying the waste bins, leaving a dirty cup on the table, not offering to make a drink could trigger underlying frustrations and annoyances. If this occurs try to step back and agree to discuss it at a less tense time.



4- Maybe agree on a ‘timeout’ word

relationship pause

Maybe agree on a ‘timeout’ word, phrase, or action that can be used to create a pause if things appear to be getting too heated. Then detach for a while. Maybe one goes for a walk, cools off, spends time in the garden.

Yes, sometimes, particularly in these unprecedented days, we need to ignore some things and not comment or nit-pick over everything that offends or that we dislike. But if rudeness or temper outbursts occur with increasing frequency you need to consider what your options are. It may help to discuss matters with family, friends, or use helpline support.

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