11 Tips to help your relationship survive Tough Times

7- Find new activities you can do together

relationship new activities together

Find new activities you can do together, something that you’ve both expressed an interest in. Maybe plan a special holiday, or revisit your back-catalog of music, your old photographs, the games you used to play; you can find hours of fun, laughter, and nostalgia so helping your relationship survive tough times.



6- When we’re confined to our homes

relationship confined to our homes

When we’re confined to our homes and away from everything that’s routine and familiar it’s understandable if someone erupts from time to time! Many of us feel we’ve little or no control.

Our familiar structure, work, exercise routine, social structure have all disappeared, almost overnight.

Forgive the occasional outburst. But if it happens with increasing frequency try to discuss what happened afterward, when things are calmer.

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