11 Tips to help your relationship survive Tough Times

Being together 24/7 is something we rarely experience for any significant period of time, perhaps only at Christmas or on holiday, and then there are usually external distractions.

So, in these extraordinary times, let’s consider ways to help your relationship survive Tough Times.

11- Accept that there will be both up and down days

relationship ups and downs

Everyone has been affected by this pandemic. From losing people you know, work, your business, your health, it’s also the uncertainty of how long this time will last and the long-term implications which can cause our minds to run ‘what if’ scenarios and cause mood swings.

Accept that if your partner has a ‘meltdown’ it’s not automatically about you, so don’t take it personally.



10- Keep connected and talk to others

relationship keep connected to others

Keep connected and talk to others, to your family and friends. It’s helpful to discover that many people share your fears and concerns and are experiencing similar irritations within their relationships.

Maybe join online sites and chat rooms where you can share tips for coping or be receptive to the many activities and interests that are available.

Maybe arrange group chats, virtual dinner dates, coffee mornings, or book clubs where you can socialize and enjoy the company of a variety of people and activities.

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