Signs Your Body is Begging For Vitamin D

Ever since childhood, parents, teachers, and doctors seem to be on repeat, take vitamins eat this, it has this vitamin, drink that it’ll give that vitamin.

A vitamin deficiency can take a huge toll on health, today we’re focusing on the extremely important vitamin D.

What signs show a deficiency ? how serious is the problem ?

Let’s take a look at some common symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.

Bones often ache

As we get older, it’s pretty common to experience sore joints and aching bones, but bone pain can be a sign of a vitamin D deficiency.

Without vitamin D bones can’t absorb the necessary amount of calcium to create healthy bone tissue, causing a weakening of the bones known as Osteomalacia. this can lead to a sensitivity in bones which can result in fractures and bone diseases like osteoporosis.


Hair falling

The average person loses anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs from their head every day, scary right!!!

Suffer from a lack of vitamin D, can lose way more than that at least enough to notice that something’s definitely not right, some hair loss treatments use vitamin D to help combat the issue, but things like genetics and other disorders could also be the culprit, if anyone suffer from an unusual amount of hair loss, it’s best to consult the doctor to find the root of the problem.

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