My Back Stopped Hurting Right Away

back pain has become habitual, because of the sedentary lifestyle for most of us, especially those who constantly work at the computer.

We sit a lot, we move a little, we unconsciously bend our spine, burying ourselves in smartphones and tablets.

The modern pace of life does not allow us to devote a lot of time to our health. At first, we try to ignore the first signs of problems. However, when the pain becomes severe, simple means can no longer help the case. It is always better to avoid health problems by warning them!

Set of exercises for the spine

In this article, we have prepared for you 6 simple but very effective exercises for the spine and back pain, which do not require a lot of time and special physical training, but at the same time give very good results!


Starfish excercice

Tired after work? You can not just relax, but also help your back! To do this, just lie on the floor, spread your arms and legs to the sides and lie down a little in this position. Then it will be very pleased to perform twists: turn your arms and shoulders in one direction, turn your hips in the other. Then return to the starting position and do the same in the other direction. Everything is done very slowly and relaxed!