5 Secrets To Fall Asleep Fast

Do you have a disorder falling asleep? does your brain refuse to slow down while trying to sleep at night?

In this article I’m going to share with you five secrets and triggers on getting quality sleep, these five tips and tricks are scientifically proven to help you get in that relief situation and get the sleep that you need for your mental, physical, and optimal health.

keep reading till the end to get all details about the techniques that will make you avoid insomnia and negative effects.

clear your mind completely

Brain dump everything on your mind onto paper, this could be a to-do list, it could be your feelings or emotions, if you have a lot of things that you need to do tomorrow before you fall asleep, you’re never going to fall asleep because you’re constantly worrying and thinking about all the things you have to remember to do tomorrow, so instead have a piece of paper next to your bed and just write out a brain dump, write out your to-do list for tomorrow, right now all the things that are worrying you that you’ll just kind of resolve and fix tomorrow morning will help ensure that, one you’ll remember to do it tomorrow and two you have nothing going on in your mind because you have it all on paper.

practicing breathing exercises


4-7-8 breathing technique, this one is a breathing technique that slows your breathing down and get you into that relaxation state so you’re going rest, the first thing to do is with your lips open kind of give a whooshing exhale of your breath and just exhale everything out of your lung,s second step you’re going close your lips and inhale through your nose quietly and count to four, the third step is to hold your breath for seven seconds, this is the most important part, and then the fourth step is that whooshing exhale again, but you’re going exhale for eight seconds.

Try doing this a few times and see if that helps get your mind into the relaxation state generally you should be falling asleep within like a couple of minutes.

Take a hot bath or a hot shower

hot shower to relax

Take a hot shower, make it a sauna, the sudden drop of temperature in your body is what helps you get that deep rest, but in fact is that it’s not the heat that gets your body to fall asleep quick, but it’s actually the cooling down process so when your body drops suddenly and then you need to cool down that energy, that it takes to cool your body down kind of drained you and makes you really tired, so when you’re taking a hot bath or a hot shower you generally feel tired after, so the cooling down period is ultimately what relaxes you.

Read a Book in Bed

The first tip that I have for falling asleep fast is to read, but not just reading anything, I think reading fiction fun books that don’t require a lot of thinking is the best choice, if you’re reading a self-help book or nonfiction book and you’re learning something, it kind of sparks that motivation in your head and you can end that mindset of learning and growth and inspiration and you tend to not fall asleep because you’re kind of getting excited and your mind is waking up, you’re literally working out your mind, so you want to read something that kind of slows your mind down.

something else what I do when I read is not reading with an overhead light on or even a lamp I have a little clip light that I put on my book while I’m reading that way when I’m done reading all I have to do is switch off the light and the room around me is already dark so it kind of puts me in that mindset of falling asleep.

Limit Caffeine