Feeling Sad? 14 Useful Tips For Dealing With Depression

To overcome depression without medication, you need to try to change your lifestyle and Outlook. 

No methods will give results if a person does not want to change anything in himself. 

Some recommendations will help you get rid of depression and regain the joy of life.

depression tips :

  • Stick to your daily routine, sleep at least 8 hours a day, and spend most of your free time outdoors instead of on the couch in front of the TV.
  • Exercise, exercise, run daily, and take a cold or contrasting shower in the morning.
  • Find something that gives you pleasure and do it more often. This can be knitting, drawing, beading, wood carving, growing indoor plants, playing a musical instrument, dancing, singing, and much more.

  • Train yourself to analyze the situations that have caused you stress, and look for their causes.
  • Avoid feelings of guilt and self-flagellation. Accept yourself as you are.
  • During the depression, do not make rash actions and do not make important decisions (dismissal from work, divorce, moving). Remember that you are currently depressed, and when it passes, you may regret what you did.
  • Share your experiences with your loved ones, do not keep everything to yourself.

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