8 Signs You Are Suffering From Depression Without Even Knowing About It

According to the world health organization, about 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, making it the main cause of disability.

Depression can begin without warning, but getting rid of it may seem a practically impossible task.

There are certain alarm bells you should know about to be able to identify it correctly.

Kefuffle would like to provide you with the most common signs that you might be depressed and should consult your doctor.

8- You have lost interest in what used to bring you pleasure

lost interest in everything

Many people with depression lose interest in almost everything and even getting out of bed in the morning can seem like an impossible task for them.

They try to do what they used to like, but then realize that it no longer brings them pleasure.

For example, if you used to love to dance, and now just the idea that you need to get up and start moving seems like torture to you-you may have depression.

If you notice that you have lost interest in almost everything, including friends, sports, food, and sex, then consider using positive affirmations, meditation, yoga, and folk remedies to regain control of your mental health.

7- Your appetite has either disappeared or increased

appetite has either disappeared or increased

Another major sign of depression is either constant overeating or loss of appetite.

Sudden changes in weight, gain or loss, can be a sign of depression, especially in those people who have other signs of depression or those who have suffered from it before.

Both rapid weight gain and loss can lead to serious complications.

If you notice that you have lost your appetite or started eating a lot to cope with your emotions, you may be depressed.

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