5 Surprisingly Cheap Destinations in Europe


Bolivia is one of the most misunderstood countries in South America and it is also one of the cheapest countries to visit, rich with culture and experience.
Bolivia offers some of the most incredible sights in the world and at a minuscule price.
Traveling in Bolivia can occasionally be a bit uncomfortable as it is not yet really set up for tourism, but if you are prepared to rough it a little bit you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.
You can enjoy sights like the amazing UYUNI SALT FLATS on two days tour for less than $130 for both days.
There is also a collection of museums that you can visit such as the former home of Pedro Domingo Murillo who was a leader during the 1809 la Paz revolution, the cost to visit all these museums is just $1.
Bolivia offers some of the cheapest food and drink in the whole of South America where a beer cost less than $2 and a bowl of hearty potato soup costs around the same price.


Bulgaria is very often disregarded as a holiday destination but it has a lot to offer, from some of the most tranquil secluded beaches in Europe to charming little towns and all that surprisingly low prices.
Small towns such as Varna on the coast an ancient city such as PLOVDIV offer rich culture and beautiful vistas, there are also many exquisite mountain ranges that you can discover on foot or by bike.
In the last few years, Bulgaria had become a favorite among British travelers as the Black Sea resorts their offer incredibly low prices and offer facilities similar to those in Spain.
Bulgaria is considered an amazing city holiday location, one where you can enjoy delicious food, kind company, strong drinks, and a very comfortable bed in a beautiful accommodation for as little as $45 per day.


Despite being in the midst of an economic crisis, Greece is still one of the most amazing countries to visit and with the financial situation the way it is right now, the cost of traveling in this country has plummeted.
If you’re traveling on a budget you’ll be able to stretch your money further than you ever thought possible and you
may even be able to see a few extra islands that you hadn’t originally planned, many of the greek accommodations offer further discounts on their already very low published prices starting at just $20 per night, it is a bit more expensive to visit the very popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini, but the quit islands like Skiathos and Paros offer views that are unparalleled at their price, you can enjoy these views while sipping on an iced cold piny of my toast beer for just one dollar and fifty cents which is half the amount that you’d pay on the bugger more touristy locations.


If you re traveling on a budget and you’re worried about wiping out your whole vacation budget on airfare, you should consider visiting Lisbon Portugal, when it comes to finding cheap flights to a European destination, Lisbon has the cheapest if you want to travel during the best time of the year, when the lodging and the food are the cheapest, mid-spring and early fall are your best choices.


When people are planning a trip they often count Europe out because it’s known to be so expensive, while many parts of Europe or Spain is cheaper than you might think, there is plenty to do and see in Spain, if you’re going to travel to Spain you should visit in September, October, April or May, the prices of food and lodging go down during these months, you also won’t need to worry about Spain being overloaded with tourists during those times.