5 Amazingly Affordable Destinations in Asia

You want to travel the world but you don’t have a lot of money? Don’t worry.
One of the most question travelers ask is, where should I travel that’s not too expensive?
These are the cheapest places to travel in Asia.



Thailand had always been a popular destination for those who want to travel on a budget.
The tranquil islands, rich culture, decadent Kazim, and opportunities for adventure are all available for incredibly low prices.
There is something for everyone in Thailand from touristy routes through the country to more rural backpacking hubs.
Thailand offers everything, including lively markets, exceptional nightlife shimming temples, striking Islands, lush green forests and world-renowned cuisine that will make your mouth water.
If you want to see the underbelly of Thailand, a motorbike trip through the northern mountains will be exactly what you re looking for, with accommodations for as little as 15 dollars per night and food from $2 for a full meal, you will be able to have the adventure of a lifetime for an unbelievable price number.


Cambodia is one of the most popular places to visit in Southeast Asia and also one of the cheapest, hostels there can cost as little as three dollars and fifty cents per night while many boutique hotels offer beautifully decorated rooms, modern luxuries, and swimming pools from $65 per night for two people.
Cambodia in culture and history with many iconic historical sites such as the Angkor Wat Archeological Park, Angkor Wat has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as an official wonder of the world, at $63 the three day ticket to the park is a bit pricier in comparison to other costs in Cambodia, but when spread over three days it works out to be very much worthwhile.
There are many temples to see and a one day pass just isn’t enough to see all the wonders there.


Vietnam should be at the top of everyone’s budget travel list with its vivid landscapes, rich history, amazing food, and lively energy, Vietnam will astonish you, it grabs at you from every angle, simultaneously being energetic and tranquil.
Vietnam’s most amazing asset is it’s inspiring countryside, from the LIMESTONE KARST TOPOGRAPHY to the waterways in the PADDY FIELDS with beautiful beaches and busy cities apotted between.
Vietnam also has some of the best cuisines in the world, where you can enjoy a bowl of authentic foie for as little as two dollars while getting to know the locals, although Vietnam risen in popularity as a tourist destination in the last decade, most of the country is left undeveloped and unchanged and it’s the best destination for budget traveling, you can easily enjoy the beautiful mountains and stunning white sandy beaches while spending very little money as little as 13 dollars per day, for just $13 you can cover your accommodations in a guesthouse, local food, traveling and drinks.

Bali Indonesia

Bali is a very popular tourist destination due to the fact that the food and the lodging are inexpensive, it’s a popular place for the younger crowd too, if you love coffee you will love Bali.
if you are going to visit Bali, you should also visit in April, May, September, and October, if you re going to visit Bali also bring your Camera, the scenery is absolutely amazing.


India has always been a favorite for travelers on a budget and there are very few countries in the world where you can travel so broadly and eat so well for such low cost.
The Temple Town of Gokarna has spectacular beaches that will contend with any in the world and features many sacred sites with beautiful temples and shrines, at Mumbai stream markers installs, you will find some of the most Kebabs and other authentic Indian food, the golden city of Jaisalmer offers you the adventure of a lifetime where you can explore the sands of the desert which seemed to go on forever even when traveling first class on the trains there and using taxi services, you can enjoy a budget holiday for as little as $20 per day, which includes your accommodations in hostel transport and food as long as you’re eating the local cuisine, they’re given how tasty Indian food is there’s no reason not to.