[Food] 9 Mistakes That Shorten Your Pet’s Life

Do you have a dog you love dearly?
Dogs are indeed amazing.
You wish you could give them the world in return for their loyalty.
Maybe shower them with treats and toys?
As a dog owner, let me give you some advice.
It’s crucial to give your fur baby healthy food.
But it’s EVEN MORE important to know what human foods you should never feed them.
We will be talking about 9 foods that are toxic to your dog.
Why did avocados make it to our list?
What’s wrong with raisins and grapes?
Why are chewing gums bad for Lucky?
We will be talking about all of this AND more…



It hurts whenever avocados make it on a list of “Bad Foods”.
They are so delicious and make for a yummy sandwich.
But as it turns out, this scrumptious fruit is a big NO-NO for your dog.
It’s good for your health thanks to the omega fatty acids it has to offer.
But avocados also contain a toxin called persin.
This toxin doesn’t affect humans, but can wreak havoc on your dog’s lungs and chest.
You need to keep your dog away from every part of Avocado- the fruit, bark, leaves,
and pit.
All of them contain the same toxin.
If your dog eats it, there are high chances fluids will accumulate in its chest and lungs.
This fluid accumulation makes it hard for your dog to breathe, causing oxygen deprivation
and eventual death.
There have been cases where fluids build in their heart and abdomen, especially the pancreas.
The complications arising from this are often fatal.
So every time you reach for an avocado, make sure it’s away from your fur baby’s reach.
The pit can also cause a choking hazard.

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