5 Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit

Snake Island

Even if you wanted to visit an island full of snakes, you can’t located about 93 miles away from the most populated city in Brazil Sao Paulo live snake island, it’s completely shut off from the public, due to the fact that it’s swarming with snakes, there’s anywhere from one to five snakes per square meter, and majority of them are venomous, the Brazilian Navy has forbidden anyone from coming to this island, unless they have written consent for scientific research.

North Sentinel Island

This island in the Indian Ocean is not somewhere you want to bring your wife on a honeymoon, because the locals don’t take too kindly to outsiders around here, they are known for shooting off fire arrows, and throwing rocks at tourists, the Indian government has declared this island off-limits, and if you decide not to take their advice do so at your own risk.

The Demilitarized Zone

Also known as the 38th parallel, the Demilitarized Zone was created at the end of the Korean War to keep the two countries at peace, it’s considered to be neutral territory that neither country is allowed across and at least 10 miles wide, it’s the most heavily militarized zone in the world, near this zone you’ll notice quite a few landmines armed soldiers and watchtowers, you can almost feel the tension about to burst, North Korea even built the fourth largest flagpole in the world in order to give the southerners a few of communism, you’re really not allowed to visit this zone and if you do find a way you may bring on another world war.

The Queen’s bedroom

Thou shalt not pass, for those of you who want to add Buckingham Palace to your Europe trip itinerary, be sure to exclude the Queen’s bedroom, because it’s not allowed for people to see her private sleeping quarters, the bedroom is heavily guarded, in 1982 a man by the name of Michael Fogg and broke into Buckingham Palace, it managed to scale a 14-foot fence and broke into the Royal living quarters waking her up then sat on the edge of her bed creepy by true, this was considered one of the biggest lapses in rural security in Great Britain.

Coca-Cola Vault

Located in Atlanta Georgia, lives a secret recipe that imitators would love to get their hands on, Coca-Cola has been one of the most popular and iconic images from American culture, and the recipe must be fiercely guarded like a priceless jewel, legend has it only two or three employees actually know the true recipe, and this vault was constructed to hide the truth.